Why YouTube Shorts Is Destroying YouTube

 On 18th March 2021, YouTube Officially released its newest feature - YouTube Shorts.

It was created to encourage ‘Gen z’ and creators to embrace the ‘shorter side of YouTube.’

Even though this is what YouTube said it was for, the obvious reason for the launch was to try and strike up some competition for the very popular app TikTok.

But did this work - or was it the worst idea that YouTube could have possibly made?

How It Started Out

Back in March of 2021, the Shorts Feature was launched to the whole of the World. And at first, people were getting used to this new Idea, and were trying to figure out how this would help out to boost their popularity.

Then as time went on, creators were getting the hang of how to attract a bigger audience through the use of short clips.

Gradually, the popularity of this cool new experience grew, and big Youtubers such as the Sidemen, started making YouTube-shorts-only channels. There they would only post short clips of highlights that had happened in their previous videos.

Then in time, watching Shorts was a regular experience of YouTube viewers, and every now and then, a new one would pop up on the recommended page, that you would only have to spend around 30 seconds watching.

I myself, would love watching these clips, and having a quick laugh before moving onto the next one and the next one and so on. They could be full of interesting videos, funny moments, and even Karen videos.

And you could watch 10 videos all in the space of a few minutes!

This may have been the reason that YouTube got a bit ahead of themselves - because of the dramatic increase of viewers in the YouTube Audience.

What’s Next For YouTube?

YouTube has grown massively in popularity since its start a whopping 16 years ago! It went from just another small business to a massive multi - billion dollar company. And they have made careers for millions of people and made kids dreams of becoming influencers come true.

But is this finally the end to this once incredible site?

If YouTube continued down this path, they could end up being a lost cause. And for a measly competition with TikTok.

YouTube need to wrap around their heads that they just can't compete with TikTok. It’s already overtaken them and will continue to. And there is little that they can do to stop this.

This might of just been the fate of YouTube all along.

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