database management system

 Database Management System (DBMS):

DBMS stand for Database Management System. It is a software system that allows access to data contained in a database. The objective of the DBMS is to provide a convenient and effective method of defining, storing and retrieving the information contained in the database.

DEMS have centralized control of the database, prevents fraudulent or unauthorized Users from accessing the data and ensures the privacy of the data.

Most database management systems have the following facilities/capabilities:

a. Creating of a file, addition to data, deletion of data, modification of data; creation, addition and deletion of entire files.
b. Retrieving data collectively or selectively.
c. The data stored can be sorted or indexed at the user's discretion and direction.
d. Various reports can be produced from the system. These may be either  standardized report or that may be specifically generated according to specific  user definition.
e. Mathematical functions can be performed and the data stored in the database can be manipulated with these functions to perform the desired calculations. To maintain data integrity and database use.

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