Advantages of database management system

 Advantage of Database Management System

1. Reduction of redundancies:-
Centralized control of data by the DBA avoids unnecessary duplication of data and effectively reduces the total amount of data storage required. It also eliminated the extra processing necessary to trace the required data in a large data. It also eliminates the inconsistencies that tend to be present in redundant fata files.

2. Sharing data:
A database allows the sharing of data under its control by any number of application program or users.

3. Consistency of data:
The reduced data redundancy minimizes the presence of the same data in different files which will lead to consistency of data.

4. Flexibility of file system:
In a database approach, the database is designed based on bottom up approach which ensures that the end users have all reports.

5. Better Enforcement of standards:
Perform better standards in every stage of designed database.

6. Reduced Program maintenance:
There is a integrated effort among development group in terms of file design and program design this will be reduce the task of prO8ram maintenance.

7. Increased programmer productivity:-
Database data is separated from programs so Programmer greatly solves the problem.

8. Data integrity-
Data integrity means that the data contained in the database is both accurate and consistent. Centralized control can also ensure that adequate checks are incorporated in the DBMS to provided data integrity.

Data values being entered for storage could be checked to ensure that they tall within a specified range and are of the correct format. Another integrity 'check that should be incorporated in the database is to ensure (hat if there is a reference to certain object, then that object must exist.

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