Google may launch its first smartwatch Pixel Watch in 2022, with amazing features


A new report has surfaced following Google Pixel Watch. Google is set to launch its own smartwatch. Google's first smartwatch is codenamed 'Rohan'. Google's first smartwatch will compete with the Apple Watch. Google's first smartwatch will launch in 2022, according to a report by Business Insider. Google's smartwatch will be available in a round design. The watch will have no bezels. The report states that testing of Google's Upkminh smartwatch has begun.

Google Pixel Watch features health monitors and fitness tracking. Apart from heart rate monitor, you will also get features like base health tracking. Which includes a step counter. According to a report, the price of Google smartwatch is more than Fitbit's smartwatch. In that case, the price of Google Watch could be around the price of Apple Watch.

The design of the Apple Watch Series 8 was leaked a few days ago. According to a leaked report, the watch will have a curved design. You'll also find the speaker grille with the new watch. The new watch may be presented in a light green color shade. Apple Watch Series 8 can be launched in 3 different sizes.

It is also known that Apple has been working on a feature that monitors blood glucose for a long time. Apart from this Apple will use optical sensors. Apart from this Apple can also use infrared sensor for this feature.

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